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NEWS~ Maintenance Mechanic Killed when Improperly Installed Overhead Garage Door Toppled Scissors Lift (Case Report:
On December 13, 2004, a 62-year-old maintenance mechanic employed by a facility maintenance firm, was fatally injured while
servicing an overhead garage door for a shipping company. The facility maintenance firm had been contracted by the shipping
company to repair the garage door. At the time of the incident, the victim and a co-worker were testing the door when the door
became jammed with the bottom of the door three feet above the ground. The victim was working on the platform of a scissors lift that
was extended approximately 15 feet above the ground and parked parallel to the door. No additional fall protection was used nor is it
required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) when operating a scissors lift with a standard guardrail
system. The victim first tried to manually disconnect the garage door arm assembly from the track with the emergency release handle
by pulling the handle and cord assembly, but it would not release. He then asked the co-worker for a screwdriver. The co-worker and
a shipping company mechanic were both in the area on the ground. The mechanic provided a screwdriver to the victim. The victim
used the screwdriver to pry the emergency disconnect away from the chain drive assembly. According to the co-worker, both he and
the victim anticipated that the door would go down upon being manually released due to its weight. Instead the door abruptly sprang
upwards to the fully open position, striking the guardrail of the scissors lift and causing the lift to topple to the concrete floor. The
co-worker and shipping company mechanic ran to the victim who had fallen out of the scissors lift and was lying on the concrete
unresponsive. The mechanic called 911. The EMS squad and police arrived within minutes. The victim was quickly transported to a
hospital where he was pronounced dead.  
There has been done everything imaginable in this business and without proper knowledge it can be extremely
dangerous. Overhead Doors can be very heavy and all that weight is typically counter balanced by torsion springs or
counter weights utilizing a system of cables and/or chains. This Includes Residential Garage Doors. Garage doors
should not be worked on without proper knowledge,, Just think of the power behind a simple Mouse Trap Spring and
then convert that to a larger scale. Extremely Dangerous and can lead to major injuries and unfortunatley even Death.
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Two Maintenance Mechanics Died When a Suspended Steel Dock Plate Fell on
Two 53-year-old Hispanic male maintenance mechanics died when a suspended steel dock plate fell on them.
The steel dock plate was part of a dock leveler that was being replaced. The steel dock plate was being
suspended by a chain that ran through a pipe welded to the top of the dock plate and attached to the hook of
a deck crane. The weld connecting the pipe to the dock plate broke while both victims were working under
the suspended load. The loading dock leveler had a safety bar underneath the dock plate to hold it when in
the raised position, but the safety bar was not used at the time of the incident. The method used to perform
the lift was not the one that the company recommended. The CA/FACE investigator determined that in
order to prevent future occurrences, employers, as part of their Injury and Illness Prevention Program
(IIPP), should:

Ensure employees never place themselves under a suspended load.

Ensure employees follow recommended procedures when replacing the dock levelers.

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